Warehouse Floors


A main area of work for Ashley Flooring is warehouse floors, typically ranging in size from a few hundred meters to in excess of over 6,000 sq. m. With our own vacuum-blasting equipment, we are able to undertake coating large areas quickly and efficiently, including if required, extensive concrete repair work such as filling large numbers of racking bolt holes and re-instating expansion joints.

Three recent case studies:-
(I) Former B & Q, Altrincham  – a worn floor that needed reinstating with jagged strips of 3mm thick epoxy resin wich need to be removed.
B&Q4 click on image

(II) Unit 10, Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester  – an old warehouse needed the bare floor replenishing. Ashley Flooring applied two coats of clear, water-based epoxy, providing a very cost-effective, hard wearing seal.
(III) Unit 14, Warrington Industrial Estate – a recently refurbished warehouse required a tough floor finish for a new tenant with high FLT usage. Ashley Flooring met this need by applying two coats of tough high-build epoxy resin.