Month: February 2021

Woodlands Day Centre for Dogs, Northwich

The surface of a former farm building was a rough concrete floor. The answer was to thoroughly prepare the concrete by mechanical abrasion and apply three coats of high-build epoxy resin coating, incorporating a very light aggregate to help prevent dogs from slipping.

SAS Airlines, Stockholm Airport

Problems occurred with the SAS hangar floor, where Skydrol hydraulic fluid was eating away the concrete surface. Ashley Flooring shot-blasted the floor and used a primer and two coats of polyurethane high-chemical resistance coatings to provide a slip-resistance and durable working area for maintaining their aircraft.

United Technologies Aviation Services, Prestwick Airport

An aircraft engine maintenance facility with a total area of 23,500 sq. m. required a tough, anti-slip floor finish that would resist aggressive aviation lubricants. The answer from Ashley Flooring was to treat the oil-impregnated concrete and apply a high-chemical resistance, uv-resistant polyurethane coating system.