Ashley Flooring have undertaken a wide variety of projects where a decorative finish was required in an area subject to industrial levels of usage. These include environments such as foyers, shops fronts and school play areas.

Products applied would typically range from a 3-4mm self-smoothing epoxy resin (possibly incorporating a flake scatter) to a 4mm Quartz Epoxy screed, incorporating various colour aggregates.

Asley Resin Flooring are expert industrial concrete floor painters with excellent reviews.

Our clients include:

The National Velodrome Manchester & Burtonwood Brewery.

Asley Resin Flooring provide competitively priced commercial and industrial floor painting, epoxy resin flooring and various warehouse floor coatings.

Asley Resin Flooring provide competitive rates on commercial and industrial concrete floor painting. We are able to carry out repairs to uneven floors to improve safety of pallet and fork lift truck traffic. Ensuring a dust free preparation of floors before painting gives anextended life span to the surface, saving you time and money of having to frequently repaint.

Concrete Floor Painters

Expected lifespan

The main factors in the lifespan of your new floor surface are;

  • preparation
  • dry film thickness
  • volume of traffic

Assuming there has been good prior preparation and the floor is for medium duty usage here is a rough guide;

  • Single pack water based- 10 months- 1.5 year lifespan.
  • Single pack solvent based- 12 months to 1.5 year lifespan.
  • Water & solvent based epoxy- 2 to 4 year lifespan.
  • Solvent free resin coating- 4 to 5 year lifespan.

Some areas of your floor will naturally wear quicker, doorways with heavy foot fall are a particular concern. Industrial floors with fork lift traffic will wear around corners where wheel friction is the greatest. It might be beneficial to arrange a maintenance schedule to re-coat the hardest wearing areas more frequently or the we can apply extra coats to these problem areas to help combat the problem.


Burtonwood Brewery

A brick bund wall and internal floor needed to be finished with polyurethane

The National Velodrome, Manchester

An office room were being converted into a prestige bicycle maintenance area. The solution provided by Ashley Flooring was a 3mm self-smoothing epoxy resin finish, providing an attractive and durable seamless finish.

The National Velodrome, Manchester

A storage room was converted into a prestige bicycle storage facility with a 3mm self-smoothing epoxy resin finish, providing an attractive and durable seamless finish.

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