Epoxy Resin Screed is usually applied between 2mm – 3mm thick for self smoothing and 4mm – 6mm thick for trowel applied screed.

Epoxy screeds provide a hard wearing floor surface with an excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance and are now commonly used in Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Manufacturing, Printing, Warehouse and Distribution environments.

Epoxy resin screeds are suitable for use in a variety of industrial and commercial areas they are hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy resin screeds are available in a wide variety of colours, the smooth surface of the self smoothing flow applied screed can also be textured to improve slip resistance simply by adding suitable aggregates into the seal coat once the screed has cured.

Functional and Attractive

Besides being extremely durable, Epoxy resin screeds stand up to regular hard wheeled forklift truck traffic and are resistant to most chemicals, they also offer an attractive quality that will enhance the most demanding of working environments. Due to the wide range of colours available they can follow the colours of the building or can even be applied in your corporate colour scheme.

Resin Screed Flooring


The application process is fairly quick and fast curing times of the resin screed can enable large areas of flooring to be completed within a short time frame.

With all our resin floor systems, full mechanical surface preparation of the original concrete is carried out before the new epoxy screed is applied. We also identify and repair any minor defects within the floor and ensure that all existing joints are replicated throughout the new floor system.

epoxy resin screed

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